Vertical Shiplap – An Easy and Affordable DIY Project

We decided to install vertical shiplap because it’s an easy and affordable DIY project! I love the dimension and character that shiplap adds to a room! Although shiplap is traditionally associated with farmhouse-style homes, I think when installed vertically, it has more of a modern edge. Particularly when paired with a dark, moody paint color!

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black vertical shiplap

Have you ever loved a design feature or wall treatment, but couldn’t figure out how best to incorporate it into your own home? I’ve wanted a shiplap accent wall for some time now but wasn’t sure we were up to the challenge. We have plans to DIY a large shiplap wall in our master bedroom, so updating this nook space in our loft seemed like the perfect mini project to get us started. It took us 3 days to complete this easy DIY vertical shiplap project because of our work and family life. We already had the necessary tools to tackle this project and only needed to purchase materials. At $150, this was a super cost-effective project for us. Your anticipated cost will vary depending on the tools and/or materials you already have, plus whatever you’ll need to purchase.

Choose your Shiplap

After we reviewed The Home Depot’s selections and using our measurements, we chose their 6″ x 8′ primed MDF shiplap, sold as a 10 pack. This left us with marginal room for error but we were fairly confident we’d be successful with just the 10 pack. Since this product was not available at our local Home Depot, we ordered it online. This worked out even better as we do not own a vehicle that could transport 8ft tall shiplap. Upon delivery, we made sure to inspect each individual piece and were relieved to find they were all in great condition!

Easy DIY Vertical Shiplap Preparation

4 pieces of horizontal wood on a wall

Our Day 1 goal was to get all the shiplap cut and installed. This was easier said than done with our 2 girls. They tend to be the variable in our DIY projects! Last year we purchased a miter saw which was a great tool investment! It made a huge difference in the cutting process. It took less time and produced very straight and smooth edges. Wall studs are typically spaced 16″ apart and run vertically. Nailing shiplap directly into the wall is an option. However, we chose to create a horizontal backing first using 2″x4″ wood. This ensured the vertical shiplap would be properly secured.

Easy DIY Vertical Shiplap Installation

white vertical shiplap surrounded by a brown trim on all 4 sides.

Needless to say, the shiplap install didn’t happen on Day 1. I’m happy to report we did knock it out on Day 2, including the trim!

We selected a pretty minimal wall trim to keep the focus on the vertical shiplap. I wanted to add a trim because I think it created a cleaner, more interesting look. It’s also an easy way to hide any imperfect cuts made!

We installed our shiplap using a brad nailer and 18-gauge brad nails. We highly recommend this tool because it speeds up the process. The small brad nails also allow for a smoother result!

Painting Vertical Shiplap

black vertical shiplap just painted

Whenever we’re tackling a painting project, having the right painter’s tape makes all the difference in our finished look. We absolutely love frog tape for the clean, crisp lines we’re able to achieve. I wanted a super moody accent color so I chose Sherwin Williams Iron Ore in an eggshell finish. I’m literally obsessed with this color for the warmth, depth, and contrast it created in this loft nook.

Painting Tip

You can always head to your local home improvement store and have them color match any color from a different brand because they usually carry the same paint codes. We had Home Depot color match SW Iron Ore using their Behr paint!

Style and Enjoy your DIY Vertical Shiplap

black vertical shiplap on top of white cabinets.

I really think the texture of the shiplap and my color selection really transformed this nook space. I couldn’t be any happier with the finished project, including the decor pieces I chose to complete the refresh. This easy DIY vertical shiplap project has definitely given us more confidence to get started on our DIY Master Bedroom Shiplap Project!

Is there a project you’ve been meaning to work on or a technique you’ve been meaning to try? Let’s stop doubting ourselves and our capabilities! I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and you just might surprise yourself! If you’re looking for more shiplap projects, then be sure to check out our DIY Shiplap Stairs Nook! Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung


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  1. Love this. Would love to know about the art/sculptural piece that is hanging on that dark wall. Any info on that?

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