DIY Color Block Accent Wall – How to Paint One

A DIY color block accent wall can be such a fun expression of your style and personality! I think painting is a very budget-friendly way to transform a space! It’s easy and so impactful!

DIY color block accent wall using 5 paint colors.

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Blank Canvas

White wall to create the DIY color block accent

Initially, I loved the crisp white look of our home office but I began to feel something was missing. I wanted an artistic and interesting feature and found a color block vinyl sticker on Pinterest. I didn’t necessarily want to pay $95 for it, so we decided to DIY our own color block accent wall and it only cost us $20!

DIY color block accent wall using 5 paint sample colors.


  • Paint (I used sample sizes in the following Behr colors: Moroccan Spice, Dark Secret, Imperial Gray, Silverstone, and Drizzle)

Step 1 – Draw your color block design on the wall and choose a starting point.

Taped white wall
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Black section of the DIY color block accent wall
Behr Dark Secret

A DIY color block accent wall will need to be worked on in sections, depending on the design complexity. Draw your design on the wall to better visualize the project, including size, placement, and painting order. Tape your first section. I recommend using an applicator if you have textured walls because it’ll help to better secure the tape to the wall. We applied 2 coats of paint, allowing adequate drying time in between each coat.

Step 2 – Paint, let dry, and tape the next section(s) of your color block design.

Black, light gray and dark gray sections of the DIY color block accent wall.
Top color – Behr Silverstone Bottom color – Behr Imperial Gray

At this point, I already loved the gradient these 3 colors had created! We again applied 2 coats of paint to each of the two taped sections and allowed ample drying time in between coats.

Step 3 – Repeat step 2 as many times as necessary to complete the DIY color block accent wall.

Color on the far right – Behr Drizzle
Completed DIY color block accent wall with all 5 colors.
Center color – Behr Moroccan Spice

Behr Drizzle added the perfect cool tone against the warmer gray shades and Behr Moroccan Spice added the perfect warm pop of brown to complete the look.

Step 4 – Remove all tape and admire your DIY color block accent wall.

Completed DIY color block accent wall.

This DIY color block accent is exactly what our home office needed! I’m so happy with how well the colors complement each other! The affordability is one of the best parts of this DIY project – $20 is pretty incredible!

Step 5 – Style around your DIY color block accent wall.

Styled corner featuring the DIY color block accent wall, faux plant, sofa, chair, pillows, a throw blanket and a framed art.

We managed to maintain the clean, crisp look of our home office while also adding character and dimension to the room. Is a color block accent wall something you’d ever consider for a space in your own home? If you’re a color block fan, be sure to check out our Master Bedroom Color Block Wall as well. I know this may be too bold for some, but remember, paint can easily be changed with the stroke of a brush! Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung


20 Replies to “DIY Color Block Accent Wall – How to Paint One”

  1. Hi, I LOVE this look and will be replicating this on the wall behind my breakfast nook. I plan to use the exact colors but my question is what kind of finish did you use for the paint? Matte, eggshell, satin, semi- gloss or gloss?

    • That’s great Pamela! We used sample sizes and I believe they were eggshell finish. Either eggshell or satin would be fine. We’ve been using a lot more matte finishes lately but that’s a personal preference.

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