9 Fun Accent Walls to Try at Home


I saw this statement while browsing Pinterest and I wanted to share it with you all as a reminder that you’re all INCREDIBLE! I know we’ve had to make some adjustments in our lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic but we’re RESILIENT. If you are an essential worker, thank you so much for all you’re doing to protect us and keep our communities safe. If you’re temporarily unemployed, I’m so sorry and I hope those stimulus checks are somewhat helpful in these difficult times. If you’re working from home and now find yourselves crisis schooling, don’t be too hard on yourselves. Soak up the quality, family time as much as possible because there will come a time when you’ll miss these moments.

Accent walls have the ability to dramatically alter rooms without breaking the bank. In fact, some of my absolute favorites require simple, cheap materials, and yet they transform a space in a major way. Today I’m sharing a few of my Instagram favorites, most of which were DIYed by some pretty talented ladies and their spouses. I hope you’ll be inspired to perhaps create a feature wall of your own!

Paneled Accent Walls

Paneled walls are hands down my FAVORITE kind of accent walls because of their versatility. If you’ve ever done a Pinterest search, then you know the possibilities are endless. You can literally customize these walls to whatever shape, size, and pattern you fancy. Check out these awesome pattern options and get to DIYing!

Geometric Paneled Wall – Behr Cracked Pepper

I love this wall for many reasons! The geometric pattern speaks to me and the color is perfect! Ever since I crossed paths with SW Iron Ore, I’ve been hooked on dark, moody colors and Behr’s Cracked Pepper does not disappoint either. This particular wall was a DIY project by Corey and Kyle @revealmydiy, a dynamic husband and wife duo! They’ve completed so many crazy good projects and take you along for the ride in stories over on Instagram. A geometric wall pattern such as this can be intimidating, but with patience, and proper planning, it’s totally achievable! Corey and Kyle selected a primed joint lattice moulding for this project which was a smart idea because it made painting easier. They also opted to paint the wall space and moulding separately prior to installation. Would you believe this wall cost them less than $75 to create?! The entire process is saved in their Instagram story highlight “Accent Wall.” Let’s also take a moment to soak up the beautiful details in their game room/lounge! Their strategic styling of this space only helps to further showcase this beauty of a wall. Corey and Kyle, I’m a big fan of your work. You’re both so inspiring and I can’t wait to see what else you’ll create!

Vertical Paneled Wall – Behr Night Mission

Is this photo a scroll stopper or what?! My eyes are instantly drawn to that vertical paneled wall and all its gorgeous details! Maija @mai_happy_home did a phenomenal job with this project. She chose primed pine boards, cut them into 2″ strips and spaced 2″ apart across the wall. The boards coming from the ceiling are 4′ tall, while the ones coming from the baseboard are 6′ tall. This striking wall was the reason I started following Maija on Instagram! I mean, after seeing this, how could you not?! The styling of this space is also top-notch, as in magazine-worthy! The textures and colors of the furniture and decor items, all work together to create a beautiful, balanced room. Want to recreate this stunner? Maija estimated her project at $175 which included the cost of wood, nails, liquid nails, paint, and paint supplies. Check out her Instagram story highlight “Wall” for more tips and tricks. You’re a rock star Maija!

Box Moulding – Sico Volcanic Rocks

If you’ve never heard of Sarah @my.westcoast.life, then you have now and you won’t soon forget her! She’s one of the most fearless DIYers I know and although this wasn’t always the case, it sure is now. Her Instagram feed is filled with her DIY handiwork ranging from artwork to furniture to accent walls. Speaking of accent walls, say hello to her box moulding wall! Sarah shares her step by step process of this wall installation over on Instagram in her story highlight “Board and Batten” and it only set her back about $100! She used primed MDF boards, starting with the vertical pieces across the wall, followed by the short horizontal pieces in between. Box moulding is very classic, but Sarah elevates and modernizes this style by painting the entire wall Volcanic Rocks. Her moody bedroom was one of the inspirations behind our own moody vertical shiplap accent wall. You never cease to amaze me Sarah and I know there are so many more great DIYs in your future.

Box Moulding – Benjamin More Cushion Green

Basic box moulding? I think not! Kim @xomyhome took this classic pattern and turned it on its head in more ways than one! I love the taller boxes she created and don’t get me started on that insanely fresh, green paint color. It’s incredible what you can accomplish with 2″ wide primed MDF boards and some rad paint. Needless to say, Kim gained me as a follower with this wall but kept me because of her candidness and super relatable personality. Her strategic, minimal design of this room ensures that your eyes will consistently gravitate towards this scroll stopper. This space is giving me modern, boho feels and I’m here for all of it!

White Shadow Gap Shiplap – Horizontal

Something about the clean lines of shiplap that gets me every time! My friend and fellow home blogger Liz @lizzydesigns_ was so clever to add horizontal shiplap in this half bathroom. With limited space available and a desire to add character, I think this was a perfect choice! Now there’s more texture and interest in the space, not to mention the use of white to create a sense of spaciousness. A small space update such as a half bathroom is a great way to gain confidence in shiplap installation. For more details on the complete half bath renovation, check out her blog post. I admire your keen design eye Liz! The time spent creating a well-curated home shows my friend!

Shadow Gap Shiplap – Vertical – Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

I have wanted a shiplap wall for as long as I could remember. This was actually our second DIY project and it’s still one of the favorites in my home! Shiplap can easily exude farmhouse vibes, however, to create a more modern look and feel, we simply went the vertical route and also painted the wall a dark, moody color! I styled our little loft nook with a couple of brass decor pieces because of their striking color against the dark background. I really wanted this wall to have its moment and minimal decor allows me to achieve that. For all the details on this $150 project, check out this blog post.

White Shadow Gap Shiplap – Vertical and Horizontal

There’s no better example of the beautiful execution of vertical and horizontal shiplap than in the home of Jenny @dabblingindecorating! She and her hubby did a phenomenal DIY job, not only on this fireplace but also on the adjacent wall. She has all the details, including tips and tricks saved in her Instagram story highlight “Fireplace Makeover.” This mixed layout lends so well to a modern farmhouse or coastal styled home, especially with the white color choice. The added brown textures are my favorite decor features of this space! If a calming, modern, coastal design is your style, then Jenny is your girl! She’s super sweet and genuine and you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not checking out her gorgeous home!

Color Block Accent Walls

Color block walls are so fun and can be so darn affordable depending on your paint selections. Think about this, if you only used the extra paint you have laying around, you could have yourself a zero dollar update! Projects such as these allow your creativity to soar because the sky’s the limit.

Although time-consuming, because of the particular geometric pattern we chose, this wall was worth all the taping, painting, and drying cycles we went through! Hubby created a design inspired by a decal we found on Pinterest, and we used paint sample sizes which allowed us to complete this job for about $20! This was by far, the quickest and cheapest way we could have transformed this basic, white wall. For more details on our process and paint colors used in this project, check out this blog post.

Melanie and Kirsten @ourdesertdigs are friends who share one Instagram account filled with all their great DIY projects and home decor. How sweet of Kirsten to create this cool and fun wall feature for her daughter?! The colors are so girly and floral and fabulous and cost her less than $100! How did she create the straightest of lines you ask? Well, as a fellow Arizonan living in a home with textured walls, she applied a thin layer of paintable caulk, along the taped edge which prevented bleeding. Such a valuable tip to remember and try for yourselves. Her paint colors and entire project process can be seen in their Instagram story highlight “Color Block.”

Was this round-up as good for you as it was for me?! I don’t know about you, my friends, but Hubby’s project list just grew a bit longer! I hope you found some inspiration in this post and remember, whether you’re living in a new build or an older fixer-upper, you can still customize your home so it truly reflects you and your design style. I’m curious, has any of you already created one of these accent walls? Would you attempt any of these? Comment below and let me know!

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