Love How We Cozied up Our Home Office – Fall Edition

I love how we cozied up our home office, just in time to welcome my favorite season! For me, fall symbolizes a slowing down period. With the crisp, cool air and falling leaves, this is when our family soaks up extra quality time. Living in Arizona, fall allows us to be more outdoors and I’m most excited to go for walks with my girls again!

Love how we cozied up our home office with some pillows, throws and dark greenery.

2020 has been a year for the books, am I right? Given the chaotic year we’ve had so far, I think it’s even more important to create motivating and inspiring workspaces. Hubby works from home and so, my goal for our office space was to create an environment that fosters growth and mental clarity. With the help of some new furniture pieces, gifted from Inmod, I think I managed to achieve our home office goals!

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Add wood tones

Adding wood tones is one way to bring some fall vibes into a space. Our home office is very light and bright so I love the rich contrast of our new coffee table and end table in this room! The natural oak finish on both pieces is so lovely! I’m also a big fan of its Scandinavian design. Their stain and scratch-resistant features are an unbelievable, added bonus, particularly when you have an accident-prone husband and children!

Add textures

Love how we cozied up our home office with some pillows, throws and dark greenery.
Taylor Sofa – Charcoal Gray || Pillows

The quickest and simplest way to transition through the seasons is by switching up your throws and decorative pillows. When it comes to styling with color, yellow in all its glorious shades, is my favorite. I love the richness and warmth of this mustard throw! It pairs beautifully with my assortment of black and white pillows, creating a comfy and inviting sitting area. If you’re on the fence about making the switch to pillow covers, then check out my Decorative Pillows blog post, where I list my pros and cons of both pillow types.

A fabric sofa naturally lends to coziness! We chose the Taylor sofa in charcoal gray because of its clean lines and subtle details. It’s the perfect balance of simple and modern comfort! Even our coffee table decor is adding textures and layers to the overall aesthetics of the room. These selected pieces include a ceramic vase, a concrete candler holder, and slate coasters. Add more dimension to your styling by using items with various heights, widths, and textures!

Add darker greenery

Shelf Styling – BEFORE
Shelf Styling – AFTER

Instead of traditional fall florals, I chose to include darker greenery in my decor. This is just one more way to enhance the moodiness of our office space. I also refreshed our bookcase by swapping out a few decorative items. Do you struggle with shelf and bookcase styling or are just curious about my shelf styling process? Then check out my Bookcase Styling blog post where I walk you through my process!

Love how we cozied up our home office with some pillows, throws and dark greenery.

Welcome to my favorite view of our home office! There are so many beautiful details to love in this corner. Do you spy my little cuties on the wall?! Our color block accent is serving as the perfect backdrop and adds more dimension to our office space. If you’re interested in learning how we created this geometric accent wall, then check out my Color Block blog post.

Home Office – BEFORE
Love how we cozied up our home office with some pillows, throws and dark greenery.
Home Office – AFTER

I love how we cozied up our home office for the fall season! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of our office space! On the opposite side of this view is our actual workspace and maybe one day I’ll share that view as well. For now, continue to digest all the yummy, cozy details of our home office fall refresh! Have you decorated for fall or planning to? I’d love to know what you think about our home office update! Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung


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  1. You guys did an amazing job with the refresh!!! Love it 😍

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