The Best Pantry Organizers and Why I Love Them

The best pantry organizers are the ones that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Yes, it’s very much possible to have both! I’m sharing how I created a picture-perfect pantry using a variety of storage solutions. These products suit our family needs, while also adding dimension and overall interest in the space.

white shiplap walls with white and brown open shelving
white shiplap walls with white and brown open shelving


Baskets are always an essential pantry organizer! I included a mix of woven baskets and metal wire baskets. I think the contrast and pop of color they provide are very pretty! Their textures also add another layer of dimension, especially when next to each other.

woven baskets, wire metal baskets and black wooden crates on white and brown shelves


Wooden crates are such a pantry favorite because they’re perfect for storing beverages! We elevated the look of our crates, by painting them in SW Iron Ore! Prior to our DIY walk-in pantry project, we had installed 2″ swivel wheels underneath our wooden crates. However, since we built a platform for the crates, the wheels were no longer practical. This doesn’t change the fact that wheeled wooden crates are one of the best pantry organizers!

glass jars, black wire baskets and black wooden crates

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Cereal Dispensers

No pantry would be complete without cereal dispensers! I purchased the 4.5q sizes as well as the 3.4q sizes. I love how easily our girls can see their cereal options and take inventory when we’re running low. The airtight seals keep our cereal fresh and they’re kid-friendly!

glass jars, plastic jars and metal canisters on white and brown shelves

Glass Jars

Glass jars add another layer to the overall pantry aesthetics. I particularly love this 4-piece storage set with bamboo lids! They’re perfect for all kinds of pasta and baking supplies. The various heights allow for more dimension in the space. I, of course, keep these out of my girls’ reach for safety.

glass jars with wood lids on a white and brown shelf


Don’t forget about your tea and coffee essentials. I’m really liking the contrast of this white 3-piece metal canister set with copper finish lids! In fact, I also purchased the gray metal canister set as well because they’re that good! You can use them in your pantry or on your kitchen countertop.

white metal canisters on brown butcher block countertop

Styled Pantry

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I’m so proud of how this pantry came together! This gorgeous view wouldn’t have been possible without some of the best pant organizers! If you’re interested in seeing our pantry transformation, then be sure to check out our DIY Walk-In Pantry Reveal! I’m also a big fan of shiplap and have used it in these DIY projects as well:

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I hope you feel confident and motivated to organize your pantry and add some beauty as well. Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung


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