How to Create a Beautiful and Organized Kid’s Workspace

If you’re looking to create a beautiful and organized kid’s workspace, then check out these tips to help you get started!

I can’t believe I have a whole 9-year-old kid entering 4th grade! With the new school year, we wanted to create a beautiful and functional work nook for Neah to keep her motivated all year long. Kaiyah loves to copy her big sister, so naturally, she needed a similar workspace of her own! We have a DIY Pocket Desk blog post that shares all the details on this build!

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Adding a Pop of Color

Including a pop of color in an otherwise neutral space, is a great way to add a fresh look! Neah’s entire bedroom is painted in Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige which isn’t her favorite. So Bernard and I gave her the important job of choosing a new color for the nook accent wall. I can’t say I was surprised when she chose pink but we went along with it.

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We decided to add some small paint details to the accent wall just to create visual interest. This is probably the easiest color block we have ever done and will ever do! If you’re looking for more complex but doable color block projects, then you need to check out our:

Hallway Color Block || Office Color Block || Master Bedroom Color Block

Paint Color is Sherwin Williams Rosy Outlook

Refreshing the Desk

Giving a desk a facelift will go a long way toward helping to create a beautiful and organized kid’s workspace. When it comes to furniture, I prefer neutral colors for their longevity and ease of styling. Bernard ended up spray painting the desks to keep this an affordable project.

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Adding Storage Containers

The secret sauce to creating a functional and organized workspace is choosing the right storage containers! Our family is a huge fan of the OXO pop storage containers! They’re clear which makes it easy to see what’s in them and the pop lids are very kid-friendly. The girls’ DIY Pocket Desks allow for additional storage options and so I included some OXO adjustable drawer bins. These bins allow for easy access to everyday school supplies.

Organizing and Styling the New Space

Having an organized workspace without some pretty details is no fun! Try adding decor you know your kids would enjoy. While the art below was staged, I included it in this photo opportunity because it felt so fitting. We want our girls to understand they need to work for the things they want in life and it also costs nothing to be nice to people.

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An organized space facilitates productivity and creativity. Kids need all the encouragement they can get to stay inspired and motivated through the school year.

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Creating a beautiful and organized kid’s workspace allows us to give them the support they need. Neah loves her refreshed space and promises to keep it neat and tidy. I won’t hold my breath but I appreciate her optimism! Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung


2 Replies to “How to Create a Beautiful and Organized Kid’s Workspace”

  1. What a cheerful space you have created! This is such a good compromise between a child’s love of color and the overall aesthetic of your beautiful home. The only thing I would add is a sleek little wastebasket. Is the desk pad a piece of cork? And did you create the wall mural?

    • Thank you Gail! The desk pad is a reversible protector and yes, cork is on the visible side. The wall mural is actually a decal we purchased years ago.

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