The DIY Updates I Love in Our Guest Bedroom

The DIY updates I currently love in our guest bedroom are the moody paint colors and added storage! Let’s face it, we all have at least ONE space in our home that’s less than ideal. Personally, I have a few but after this guest bedroom transformation, I’ll have one less! The overall design goal for this guest bedroom is to create a modern space with bold details. I wanted this space to have a lot of personality and I’m loving how it’s shaping up!

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How We Added Functional Storage

There’s no such thing as too much storage and I’m always looking for ways to create more in our home. A storage bench was a practical choice because it also provided additional seating and a quiet corner to unwind. It’s definitely one of the DIY updates I love in our guest bedroom. Bernard created a similar Playhouse Storage Bench that you should check out also!

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Since we were working with a 14ft. space, Bernard found it easier to build the storage bench in 3 sections. It was also much easier to transport them up the stairs and to the guest bedroom for installation. Each bench was built using 3/4″ plywood that Bernard secured together with screws and wood glue.

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If you’re a fan of woodworking projects, then be sure to check out our Build Plans for affordable, do-it-yourself wood projects.


If you’re ever needing to install cabinet door hinges, then we highly recommend purchasing a concealed hinge jig. It creates the perfect spacing without any guesswork!

The Perfect Moody Color Combo

You all know how I feel about Sherwin Williams Iron Ore! It’s a dark paint color but still adds warmth to a space. Two years ago when we started updating this guest bedroom, we created a vertical slat wall! You can find this slat wall project details HERE. There were some finishing touches we failed to complete at the time and as part of the update, we made sure to tackle them. We caulked the slat seams, filled in all the brad nail holes, and switch the paint finish from semi-gloss to matte. BEST DECISION EVER! The refreshed look is so clean, seamless, and perfect!

Black slat wall DIY update in guest bedroom
Black and green accent walls DIY update in guest bedroom
SW Iron Ore || SW Rosemary

When it came time to choose a paint color to pair with SW Iron Ore, there were only two contenders. In the end, I went with Sherwin Williams Rosemary and I don’t regret that choice one bit! This striking paint combo is easily one of the DIY updates I love in our guest bedroom. I wanted to create the illusion of an alcove and so I asked Bernard to extend the green color onto the ceiling!

If you’re wondering how Bernard achieved those perfectly crisp paint lines, especially on textured walls, you’ll find those details HERE. I’m also linking HERE, some of our favorite paint project supplies to help you tackle your next paint project.

Green accent wall DIY update in guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom Reveal

Adding the storage bench and repainting the guest bedroom were all part of phase 1 of this room transformation. While I’m thrilled with the progress we’ve made, I’m so excited to keep going!

Decorated DIY updates in guest bedroom
Decorated DIY updates in guest bedroom

The next project which we’re already working on is creating a TV accent wall. This will be like nothing we’ve ever done before and I hope it’ll leave you inspired!

Black and green accent walls DIY updates in guest bedroom
Black slat wall DIY update in guest bedroom

Savor these views because the next time you see this space, there will be additional changes, all for the better! You guys helped me select some NEW ART for this space which I’ll be debuting with the updated TV wall.

I also just received a beautifully crafted two-tone blanket ladder and throws that I’m dying to show you guys! We may not be the fastest DIY and Design team, but our level of detail and craftsmanship is what we’re super proud of. Plus, I think our projects are usually worth the wait!

There’s something about photos that really allow you to soak up all the details of a beautifully designed space! Thank you for being here and supporting our journey to truly customize our home! Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung

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