In Love With Our New Dining Room Accent Wall

Our new dining room accent wall is hands down, my FAVORITE feature wall in our home! I’m so proud of this design and how Bernard beautifully executed this project! If you’re looking to recreate this accent wall, then keep on scrolling for MATERIALS, TOOLS, and TIPS to help you along the way!

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Materials and Tools Used Are All Linked Below

White Paint Color is Sherwin Williams Pure White

How to Start the Dining Room Accent Wall

The wall space we had available for this accent wall project determined the overall layout and design. Bernard started by using a laser level to locate the width of the space where we were installing the wood panels. He then followed up with one of our favorite stud finders and marked all studs, including the ones in the ceiling!

Shop Laser Level HERE
Shop Stud Finder HERE

Why We Used Plywood Backing

While sharing this project, in real-time on Instagram, we were frequently asked why we decided to include a 1/4 in. plywood backing. There were 3 options we considered when it came to securing the wood panels. We could use liquid nails, brad nails, or screws. If using liquid nails, we’d need the backing to prevent ruining our drywall, should we decide to remove the panels at a later time.

Shop 1/4 in. Plywood HERE

We have textured walls and so the plywood backing provided an even surface on which to install the wood panels. Not to mention, Bernard could just brad nail the wood panels along the ends which would be covered with corner moulding. I will have to limit myself when using this LVP flooring, as wood panels, because it’s addictive! We have already used it once for our Guest Bedroom TV Wall Project, which you can read all about HERE.

Shop LVP Flooring HERE
Shop Corner Moulding HERE

Corner Moulding Debacle and Solution

So being the DIYer that Bernard is, he thought he could save us some money by making his own corner moulding. It was a fantastic idea, but we lost a day on this project when we ran into some issues! First, the moulding he made was too thin, which we didn’t discover until all the pieces were glued onto the wood panels. The glue couldn’t hold them in and when he tried brad nailing, it split the trims!

Our solution was to cut thicker strips of moulding. Bernard screwed them on top of the existing moulding which then created a double-trim detail that I love! Talk about a happy accident! He then applied some spackling paste with a putty knife, to each screw hole and lightly sanded them once dried.

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Primed the corner moulding prior to painting.

Dining Room Accent Wall Paint Details

The paint details of this dining room accent wall were the most crucial part of the design. I had a very specific vision and it was really important to me that we got it right. Having a laser level is a must for this part of the project because it guided Bernard through the taping process. You’ll notice several different colors of painter’s tape used. The green tape is best for our textured walls, however, the yellow and blue tape were better for delicate areas like our ceiling. We have all of our FAVORITE PAINT SUPPLIES linked HERE for your convenience.

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Dining Room Accent Wall – Reveal

Bernard and I are not the type of people who tackle projects just for the sake of it. Each project is meant to add value, detail, and interest to our home. It’s my goal to completely finish some of the spaces in our home and so I’m starting with rooms that require less work. Our dining room definitely needed a statement wall because it’s always on display in our home.

Dark paint color is Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Design Tip

When you live in an open-concept home, it’s important that the materials used bring individuality to each space but also create cohesion among the rooms.

Modern Lighting Source

Every time we share this dining space, the source for our geometric lighting is a popular request. While this exact light fixture is no longer available, I’ve linked similar (affordable) ones below:

Tap each image below to shop these modern lighting options:

Crisp Paint Lines

I think we’re all a little or a lot OBSESSED with these crisp paint lines! The key is using paintable caulk. If you’d like to learn more about how this is done, then check out our Paint Tips Blog Post, linked HERE.

Shop my Dining Room by tapping on the images below:

I pride myself on designing accent walls that also function as decor. I love knowing that I don’t need to add a lot of decorative pieces to truly bring a space to life. This accent wall can stand on its own and I can’t stop looking at it! I’m linking all of my Dining Room Barware, Organization, and Decor HERE for your convenience!

There you have it, friends! Another Neatly Living project is complete and as always, thanks for following along and supporting our home journey. Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung

Check Out Our Dining Room Accent Wall YouTube Video


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  1. Love it. Creative mind turns into a masterpiece.

  2. Lillie (@luxedesign.decor)

    Im in love with this accent wall Aminah…MAGAZINE-WORTHY!!!🥰🖤🙏🏾🤍

  3. Absolutely beautiful! It is art! I love it!

  4. Beautiful! I love how y’all create simple things that make such huge statements. Your buffet table is amazing! Where did you get it? (Or did y’all build it?)

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