How to Create a Color Block Accent Wall You’ll Love

If you’re looking to create a color block accent wall you’ll actually love, then check out these 5 tips before getting started!

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Color block wall of green and yellow with children chairs, bookshelves and table.
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1. Visualize Your Color Block Design

Color Block paint projects are some of my favorite types of DIYs because they encourage creativity and uniqueness. Before starting your color block accent wall, you should consider the size of the space you’re working with as well as the number of colors you plan to use. I’m a very visual person, so Bernard and I spent some time playing around with designs until we found one that best suited the space. We used blue painter’s tape to visualize the color block layout in the girls’ playhouse.

Blue tape on white wall for color block project.
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For this project, I wanted bright pops of color on a large scale that also overlapped and used no more than 3 paint colors. Once we settled on the design, Bernard then taped out the first section to be painted.

Green tape on white wall for color block project.
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2. Make it Affordable by Using Leftover Paint or Paint Samples

I find color block projects to be an affordable alternative to large art pieces, especially if you use leftover paint. The first color Bernard painted was Nugget by Sherwin Williams (SW6697) in a matte finish. It’s a very bright and cheerful color and exactly what I wanted for the girls’ playhouse.

Nugget by Sherwin Williams (SW6697)
Yellow paint on white wall.
Yellow paint on white wall with floral wallpaper.

3. Know What Type of Painter’s Tape to Use

Did you know there are several types of painter’s tape? When you’re creating a color block accent wall, you should be using 2 different painter’s tape. Bernard used green frog tape on the first section which has medium adhesion and is ideal for cured painted walls. For the second and third sections, he used yellow frog tape which has light adhesion and is used on freshly painted walls. The green paint color on the ceiling is Retreat by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams (HGSW3283) in a flat finish.

Green, white and yellow paint on the wall
Nugget (SW6697) and Retreat (HGSW3283)

4. Use Paintable Caulk for Crisp Color Block Lines

Our best tip when it comes to painting a color block accent wall is to use paintable caulk for those clean, crisp paint lines. Bernard applies caulk along the tape line and then removes the excess. Next, he paints the space and immediately removes the tape. This technique has never failed us! The last color on the bottom section is Evergreen Fog by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams (HGSW9130) in a flat finish.

Evergreen Fog (HGSW9130)

5. Have Fun Designing Your Color Block Accent Wall

Our home tells the story of us as creatives. Therefore, we try to have fun with our designs, particularly with paint projects. While we enjoy neutrals at our core, we also love incorporating pops of color and weaving them into our aesthetics. If you’re looking for more color block wall ideas and inspiration, then check out some of our other paint projects:

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Remember, you can easily repaint a space, so step outside your comfort zone and have a little fun! I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful. Happy to answer any additional questions! Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung

Watch Our Playhouse Color Block on YouTube


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