Do You Love or Hate This Staircase Color Block Design?

We added a color block design to our staircase landing and love it because it’s a custom art piece in our home! When I removed the garlands from our staircase after the holidays, the view was too plain, so we decided to change that with a geometric color-block design. Below I’m sharing the supplies we used to complete this paint project, tips to help you along the way, and renderings detailing the color block dimensions.

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Color Block Project Supplies

The Space – Staircase Landing

When we first moved into our home, all the walls were painted SW Accessible Beige which wasn’t our vibe. So Bernard has slowly been repainting the walls, SW Pure White. Currently, the white walls and white stair railing are giving a monochromatic look I don’t love but we’re working with what we have. To create contrast, we’re adding this custom color block design with pops of color, to our staircase landing.

Staircase Landing Color Block Inspiration

Countless times I’m asked about my design inspirations and where to find them. Inspiration is all around you and oftentimes in plain sight. For this project, I’m using my Hallway Color Block Design paired with a Pinterest design and of course, more custom additions to make this design our own.

From Inspiration to Customization

Using SketchUp, we were able to play around with the design until we found the one that reflected our Neatly Living aesthetics. Now here’s how we brought this vision from an idea to reality.

Staircase landing color block design rendering.

Color Block Painting Process

Since there are layers to this staircase landing color block design, you want to work in sections. We chose to approach this project by tackling one paint color at a time. You’ll need a pencil, ruler, measuring tape, and a level to draw out your color blocks.

Next, you’ll need to tape around the first set of blocks you’re going to paint. It’s very important to use quality painter’s tape. You can find our favorite green tape linked HERE.

Taping the wall to paint color block design.

Our Favorite Painting Hack

If you have textured walls and struggle to achieve crisp paint lines, then try applying paintable caulk along the tape lines. Be sure to remove the excess caulk with a wipe or damp cloth. Then paint as usual and after your second coat, immediately remove all painter’s tape and your lines should be perfect!

Painting color block design on staircase landing wall.

You’ll notice Bernard using some blue tape in the images above and that’s because we already had it and it was the right thickness needed for that particular part of the project.

What’s That Brown Paint Color?

Coco Rum by Behr (PPU4-02) offers warmth and richness to this color-block paint project. It’s the perfect starting point and sets the tone for the rest of the paint colors. We’re using this leftover paint from our Primary Bedroom Slat Wall Project, in a matte finish.

Staircase landing wall

Taping the Next 2 Sections

We gave the brown-painted sections 24 hours to completely dry before tackling the next blocks. You’ll want to draw out your boxes, and then tape them up as shown in the image below. The blue tape is optional and you can just use more green tape in those sections.

Tape and paint on staircase landing wall.

Painting the Next 2 Sections

Again, if you’re working with textured walls, you can use the paintable caulk technique to help create those clean, crisp paint lines.

Painting color block design on staircase landing.

What’s that Gray Paint Color?

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams (SW 7029) is one of my favorite shades of gray! Depending on the lighting, you’ll notice a warm undertone which I like. This is in an eggshell finish and leftover from our Under Stairs Pull Out Drawers Project.

Color block design on staircase landing.

The Tricky Next Step

This is probably the trickiest part of this color block project and I regret not taking enough photos to better demonstrate the details. Everything comes together after this section is completed. You’ll again be using painter’s tape to create small horizontal lines that go through the gray vertical box. Those lines will also carry across the wall and end before the brown vertical box.

To the right of the brown vertical box, you’ll draw and tape out 3 vertical boxes. Keep scrolling for a better visual.

Painting color block design on staircase landing.

What’s That Dark Paint Color?

Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams (SW 7069) is not a true black and I think that’s what I love most about this color! It adds dimension and visual interest and really anchors this color-block paint project. We’ve used this color in many past paint projects with our most recent one being our DIY Slat Casing Project, in a matte finish.

Staircase Landing Color Block Reveal

This was not the easiest project to photograph because of its location on our staircase landing, so enjoy all the various angles I captured. You’ll notice there’s an extra vertical brown box in the reveal photos and that was honestly a last-minute add-on that I didn’t have a chance to document.

Color block design on staircase landing.
Color block design on staircase landing.
Color block design on staircase landing.
Color block design on staircase landing.
Color block design on staircase landing.
Color block design on staircase landing.
Color block design on staircase landing.
Color block design on staircase landing.
Color block design on staircase landing.
Color block design on staircase landing.

Color Block Dimensions

I wanted this blog post to be as helpful as possible so below you’ll find renderings that include all project dimensions.

Each new color block project we complete quickly becomes my favorite and this one is no exception! I love the way the shapes play off of each other to create a balanced design. If you have any further questions that I didn’t address in this blog post, please don’t hesitate to leave us a message. I hope you do decide to try this paint project and I can’t wait to see your versions! Until next time!

Aminah Chung

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  1. Despite my need for symmetry and balance, I love this.

    Also, the brown is….cozy. It just makes me smile, and I want to find ways to integrate it into my home.

  2. I love this! Who knew that I would be a fan of a wall with brown paint?!? This is such a cozy vibe and looks great, Aminah!

  3. Thank you, we love doing different.

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