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Meet the DIY & Home Design Team

Hello Beautiful People! My name is Aminah Chung and I’m definitely not what you’d imagine with such a last name! Don’t worry, I get that a lot so I’m not offended! I lay my head down at night, and sometimes during the day too if I’m lucky, in sunny Arizona. My husband, Bernard, and I have been married for 9 years. We share our lives with two gorgeous little ladies, Kaiyah who is 2 years old, and Neah who is 7 years old. Cheers to only paying for one college tuition at a time – #winning!

Working full-time in the health care industry for the past 11 years has been both rewarding and mentally exhausting. Hubby suggested I find a creative outlet and so here we are! I don’t think I could sum up my design style in one word. While I love modern furniture and design, I also enjoy adding fun, bold touches throughout our home, making it uniquely ours! We sold our first home and built our forever home in 2016. Although it was new construction, it still left much to be done in terms of personalization.

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I think it + he creates it

My husband and I are a DIY & Home Design team! He’s brilliant at making all my design dreams come through! Together we’ve tackled some pretty awesome DIY projects in our home and we’re only getting started! I hope our designs and willingness to color outside the lines spark inspiration! Tour the blog and check out some of our DIYs! We’d love for you to hang out with us as we continue to customize our home, one simple DIY at a time.

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