Vertical Shiplap For Less Than $150

As I sit to write this blog, my heart is lighter and happier. I spent some time this past weekend sorting through Kaiyah’s old baby clothes. My mother-in-law asked if I had any clothes I’d be willing to donate to a new mom. This was the perfect opportunity to declutter Kaiyah’s closet and be charitable at the same time. It felt liberating to have another organized space in our home. Whether you start with that junk drawer in your kitchen or ambitiously tackle your entire closet, I encourage you all to think about your belongings and purge what you’re no longer using. You could help someone in need along the way.

Now let’s move on to this fun DIY, our FIRST in 2020!

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Have you ever loved a design feature or wall treatment, but couldn’t figure out how best to incorporate it into your own home? I’ve wanted a shiplap accent wall for some time now but wasn’t sure we were up to the challenge. We have plans to DIY a large shiplap wall in our master bedroom, so updating this nook space in our loft seemed like the perfect mini project to get us started. This was a 3-day project because of our work schedule and family life, however, once the shiplap arrives it’s totally possible to complete this in 1 day. Already having the necessary tools and only needing to purchase materials made this a super cost-effective project for us. Your anticipated cost will vary depending on the tools and/or materials you already have, plus whatever you’ll need to purchase.

Our previous home decor was very much inspired by Fall colors. When we moved into our new build we brought some of our existing home decor items with us. Now that we’ve established a more neutral color scheme, it was definitely time to say goodbye to the reds and oranges, but not the yellows. I like to include a pop of yellow ever so often in our decor stylings, as an homage to our FIRST home!

the preparation

After reviewing Home Depot’s selections and based our measurements, we chose the 6″ x 8′ primed shiplap, which is sold as a 10 pack. This left us with marginal room for error but we were fairly confident we’d be successful with just the 10 pack. Since this product is not available in-store at our local Home Depot, we ordered it online.

This worked out even better as we do not own a vehicle that could transport 8′ tall shiplap. Upon delivery, we made sure to inspect each individual piece and were relieved to find they were all in great condition! Minor blemishes would be hidden under paint.

day 1

The goal for the first day was to get all the shiplap cut and installed. Now our 2 girls tend to keep our hands pretty full so it’s often a challenge completing any project within the timeframe we set for ourselves. Our usual solution is to divide and conquer, so while I was inside trying to keep our little humans alive, the Hubby was outside cutting the shiplap. Last year, in anticipation of the myriad of projects we have planned, we purchased a miter saw. According to Hubby, it worked like a charm and made a huge difference in the cutting process. It took him less time and yielded very straight, even edges.

So funny story … we kinda sorta forgot a somewhat important step when installing vertical shiplap. And by somewhat, I mean necessary.

So what was this omitted KEY step you ask? Well, since the wall studs also run vertically, that meant there was no way we could simply nail the shiplap onto our wall. We realized the error of our ways after trying to nail in several pieces of shiplap, only to have some fall right down because they were missing the studs.

day 2

It turned out we needed to install 4 pieces of 2″ x 4″ wood onto our wall FIRST, before even attempting to nail in any shiplap. It was a rookie mistake we won’t soon forget. So lesson learned and after shaking off our poor lapse in judgment, we attacked our second day with gusto! Having already cut all the shiplap the previous day, the plan for Day 2 was to get all the shiplap installed, including the trim.

We selected a pretty minimal wall trim to keep the focus on the vertical shiplap. We chose to add a trim because it created a cleaner, finished look. It’s also an easy way to hide any uneven cuts made, but that’s totally not our reason. Hey my name in Arabic means “honest” or “trustworthy” so you know you can take my word (wink) for it.

FYI my friends, a nail gun is highly recommended when installing shiplap. It speeds up the process and because the nails are so small, it allows for a smoother end result.

day 3

When it comes to painting, the Hubby has ONE rule and one rule only. He will paint a wall for me as many times as I’d like until I’m certain of the color, but he will only tape ONCE! He absolutely dislikes taping. It’s “painstaking and challenging to get the lines perfectly straight,” he says. Go figure that’s where he draws the line, but I respect his rule so I know not to remove any tape until I’m in love with the resulting paint color.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore for the win! I’m literally obsessed with this color you guys! I discovered it last year when we decided to paint a moody, mini accent wall in our kitchen, and now there’s no going back. It’s a warm, charcoal color that adds a lot of depth and contrast. Both the texture of the shiplap and the color selection really transformed this nook space. I couldn’t be any happier with the finished project, including the decor pieces I chose to complete the refresh. There’s definitely more confidence and excitement to get started on the master bedroom wall!

Is there a project you’ve been meaning to work on or a technique you’ve been meaning to try? Let’s stop doubting ourselves and our capabilities! Working in the health care industry, I’m constantly reminded that life is too short. Step out of your comfort zone and you just might surprise yourself! I’d love to hear about any new or ongoing projects you’re all working on, including setbacks and tips you’ve picked up along the way. You can always follow me on Instagram and be sure to tag me in your project posts so I can support you!

Aminah Chung

Current Favorite Entryway Finds

Happy New Year you guys !!

So full disclosure, I purchased this domain name back in 2019 (same time I opened my Instagram account) and quickly got started on a few blog entries. However, I could neither complete a single post nor admit to anyone that I even had a blog. I guess I wasn’t confident enough in my content or the direction of the blog. There was this fear of “what if no one cares about what I have to say?” Well, move over self-doubt because it’s a brand new year! I’ve done some reflecting and found renewed self-confidence! If at least one person finds value in my blog posts then I’ve done my job.

Now let’s get on with my first OFFICIAL blog post!

I wanted to give my entryway table a little refresh after Christmas and found some simple, fairly inexpensive pieces that worked beautifully with my existing decor.

No product featured below is sponsored, however, some are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you make a purchase using them. I would truly appreciate your support by using the links as this helps with the blog site maintenance.

Regardless, all feedback and photos shown are my own. Okay, the photos are my husband’s but what’s HIS is MINE anyway! Besides, he charged me $1 per image (he’s saving up for a new lens), so yes these images are MINE!

I just love the openness of this black bowl! I think it’s a great eye-catching piece on its own but I chose to pair it with some neutral decorative balls. The contrast of the fibrous balls in the steel bowl makes my heart happy!

Product Link

The colors and textures of these throws are fantastic! The speckled white details add great depth and character. To compliment my neutral styling I snagged a Stone Gray, but, since yellow is my home’s accent color, I also picked up a Dark Horseradish. When quality and affordability meet, we win!

Product Link

This 4″ vase perfectly accompanies a couple of books on any table or shelf in your home. I just love the etched details and matte finish, so much so that I have 2 of these vases. Hey when you love something, buy more than one!

Product Link

This beaded garland set is such a great find you guys! 4 styles sold as a collection for under $15. It creates a lovely contrast against my black, matte vase and table books. I’m currently using 2 of these beaded pieces and I’m sure I’ll soon find ways to use the others.

Product Link

If you’re in the market for a white vase under 10″, I think you’d struggle to find a better value than this set. I’m a big fan of its brilliant, white color. The smooth, ceramic finish and added rope detail make this a perfect set for any home. I’ve purchased 3 vase sets because of its unbeatable value.

Product Link

The vibrant green of these faux eucalyptus stems makes them something special. Their refreshing and crisp appearance help create the Spring vibe I was going for.

My friends, I was able to give my entryway table a makeover for less than $100 and since some of these items contained multiple pieces, I now have extras to use in other areas of my home. These truly are the gifts that keep on giving!

Comment below if you already own or have purchased any of these items for your home. I’d love to know your thoughts on my latest decor haul and also hear about some of your great decor finds! I’m currently hunting for bargain home decor books, so if you have any recommendations, let a girl know!

Aminah Chung