Affordable Framed Accent Wall – How We Made This

Here’s a fun framed accent wall that’s sure to add that extra touch to your entryway! This affordable framed accent wall will definitely be a conversation piece in your home. I’m sharing all the details on how we completed one of my favorite and most special DIY projects!

The Before

We purchased this mirror over 3 years ago after moving into our new home. Now that I’ve finally figured out the design of our home, we were ready for a fun and affordable accent wall in this space! Our entryway isn’t large by any means, but that didn’t stop us from creating something bold and special!

Framed Accent Wall Paint Selection

The first step in this framed accent wall creation was a new paint color! I knew I wanted white but I had no idea the challenge I was up against! I couldn’t believe how many options were available to choose from and more options = more indecisiveness, am I right? We grabbed a few paint samples and marinated on them for a few days.

Top Left = SW Agreeable Gray | Top Right = Behr Silky White | Bottom Left = SW Eider White | Bottom Right = SW Westhighland White

In the end, I chose Sherwin Williams Westhighland White. The warm white complimented our doors and flooring beautifully!

Paint Tips

When choosing a paint color, be sure to check your samples at various times throughout the day. This allows you to see the color with different amounts of lighting. Also, invest in great painter’s tape! I can’t say enough wonderful things about frog tape! It creates the cleanest, straightest lines every time. We haven’t done a paint job without it.

Framed Accent Wall Finish Selection

We decided to use 4×4 lumber for the accent wall frame but then came the challenge of choosing a finish. Our original plan was to stain the lumber some sort of brown but after several attempts with a few options, I soon realized I wasn’t loving the look of any of them. I then decided to have the lumber painted dark using my favorite, SW Iron Ore. At the very last second, however, Hubby found a YouTube video that showed us how to use paint to create a stained look. Uh … mind blown!

Left = Varathane Early American | Middle = Minwax Fruitwood | Right = Minwax Weathered Oak

We created a 50/50 mix of water and SW Iron Ore paint. Using a cloth, we proceeded to apply the mixture to the lumber as you’d have done if it was a stain. The first coat was too light for my taste. Since we were using diluted paint, it took 3 coats for us to achieve the dark, rich color I was going for. The beautiful thing about this process is you can keep applying coat after coat of your favorite paint color and notice a visible change each time!

Framed Accent Wall Reveal

Welcome to our newly updated entryway! I’m in love with this project for so many reasons. Our girls, Neah (6) and Kaiyah (1) are the heart of our family and our home. We work as hard as we do to provide the best life possible for them! Their photos at our entryway are a statement and a symbol of how cherished they are! I edited these photos to black and white for the added drama and eye-catching aesthetics! These are framed, canvas prints measuring 24” x 36.”I purchased them from Shutterly at 50% off which was a heck of the deal.

Framed Accent Wall Details

Creating a faux mini garden at the base of the frame was definitely a fun idea and all we needed were some white rocks and faux succulents.

But why stop there? Hubby loves greenery, so we decided to further accessorize the space with white and gold wall planters filled with, you guessed it, more faux greenery. I promise we’ve tried countless times to add real plants to our home, but it’s not fair to the helpless plant babes that we keep killing them. So, realistic faux it is.

Well there you have it, one more successfully completed project! This will be a favorite for years to come for many reasons! Do you have any completed project that holds a special place in your heart? Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung


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  1. I absolutely love your entryway! This project turned out so well. Thanks for providing all of the details of how you achieved this awesome DIY.

    • This is hands down my fav project Janice! I can’t get over how awesome this turned out and those prints of our girls steal my heart each time I see them! Thanks for ready my sweet friend!

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