One Room Challenge Week 6 || Master Bedroom Makeover || New Kid On The Block!

To say it has been a difficult couple of weeks would be a gross understatement. There is so much hurt and pain happening around us which has evoked many emotions. I was relieved when the One Room Challenge announced there would be no Week 5. I certainly did not have the mental capacity to write a blog post last week. Home decor and DIYs were too trivial next to the heavy events our nation was and still is experiencing. We are in dire need of change and I hope it’s on the horizon. We all need to do better and be better!

It’s the end of Week 6 of the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge and I’m so glad you joined us. If you’re unfamiliar with this event then you’re in for a treat. Each Spring and Fall, 20 Featured Designers are selected by Linda Weinstein and the ORC team for a 6-week challenge where they each take us along on their journey to an incredible room transformation! Feeling inspired? Guest Participants, like yours truly, with a blog or Instagram account can register and join in on the action. This year, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the challenge includes an additional 2 weeks of work time which has been so helpful for newbies like me and Hubby.

We’ve been working on our color block mural over the past 2 weeks and no surprise, my paint woes live on. At the end of our paint sampling process, our wall looked a lot like an artist’s paint board. While it may have appeared chaotic, I knew each and every color on that wall and why I liked or disliked it.

Top – Behr Eider White || Middle – SW Agreeable Gray Bottom – SW Dromedary Camel

My original color block design focused on utilizing soft, neutral colors to contrast the large, dark shiplap wall on the opposite side of our master bedroom. For that reason, I settled on Behr Eider White for the top, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray for the middle and Sherwin Williams Dromedary Camel for the bottom. I love the rich, warm pop of color provided by the SW Dromedary Camel and the Agreeable Gray was the perfect transitional color to add enough contrast and interest between the top and bottom layers.

Here’s a painting tip that’s been working great for us. We strongly recommend using frog tape and properly adhering it to your wall with either a roller or decal/wallpaper applicator. This technique allows us to achieve clean, crisp lines every time. We rarely experience paint bleed and all our walls are textured!

Soooooo … remember when I said I was going for a soft, neutral look? Well … that went out the window! The more I looked at the wall and the rest of our room, the more I realized I wanted more drama in the space. I mean are you even surprised by this? I’m like a one-trick pony around here with this SW Iron Ore!

This color block mural actually spans 19 FEET so it’s quite a sight, but in a good way, I hope! Half of it is recessed and will be hidden by our 75″ TV, a dresser and a mini fridge. I think if we added a microwave, our room would officially be considered a studio apartment! Is that judgement I hear?!

Top – SW Iron Ore || Middle – SW Agreeable Gray Bottom – SW Dromedary Camel

It was definitely a bittersweet moment saying goodbye to our photo gallery wall of our firstborn, Neah, but I’m thrilled with how this turned out! There is so much potential from a styling perspective for this little corner. These were just 2 ideas that came to mind but I’m excited to play around more with this new space!

What You Missed Last Week

So in addition to completing our accent wall, I also reevaluated the curtains I’d hung up a few weeks back. The sheerness of the curtains did not photograph as well as I’d hoped and caused some distortion in my images. I purchased replacements from Target but came to the realization that curtains just weren’t as necessary as I’d initially thought. The space already feels so much lighter and lends more to the clean, minimal style you’ve come to expect from us!

This Week’s Agenda

As we’re quickly approaching reveal day, we have one more project to complete and that’s the wall cubbies we purchased from IKEA. I’m going to be a stinker and not say more than that! You’ll just have to stop by next week to see what I’m talking about!

It’s such a good feeling to check tasks off our list! Be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on our personal journey in this event. You’ll also definitely want to follow along and see what the Featured Designers and other Guest Participants are working on! Anyone else a fan of color blocking?! Help settle a debate between Hubby and I, would you call this a color block wall or a mural?

Aminah Chung


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