How to Refresh Your Entryway With Affordable Home Decor

Affordable entryway home decor is always a win in my book! I wanted to give my entryway table a little refresh after Christmas and found some affordable pieces that worked beautifully with my existing decor.

Console table with vases, books, beaded garland and throws.

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I just love the openness of this black bowl! I think it’s a great eye-catching piece on its own but I chose to pair it with some neutral decorative balls. The contrast of the fibrous balls in the steel bowl makes my heart happy and would sit pretty on any entryway table!


Speckled gray throw and speckled mustard throw.
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The colors and textures of these throws are fantastic! The speckled white details add great depth and character. To compliment my neutral styling I snagged a Stone Gray, but since yellow is my home’s accent color, I also picked up a Dark Horseradish. When quality and affordability meet, we win! Couldn’t you imagine these throws tucked into a basket in your entryway?!

Black vase
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This 4″ vase perfectly accompanies a couple of books on any console table or shelf in your home. I just love the etched details and matte finish, so much so that I have 2 of these vases. Hey, when you love something, buy more than one!

Beaded garland
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This beaded garland set is such a great find! It creates a lovely contrast against my black, matte vase and home decor books. I’m currently using 2 of these beaded pieces but I’m sure I’ll soon find ways to use the others soon.

2 white vases
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If you’re in the market for a white vase under 10″ then I don’t think you’ll find a better value than this set. I’m a big fan of its brilliant, white color. The smooth, ceramic finish and added rope detail make these vases a perfect collection for any entryway. I’ve purchased 3 vase sets because of their affordability.


Green stems
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The vibrant green of these faux eucalyptus stems makes them something special. Their refreshing and crisp appearance help create the Spring vibe I was going for. Greenery is always a must in any of my styled spaces!

I was able to refresh my entryway table with these affordable home decor pieces for less than $100! Since some of these items contained multiple pieces, I now have extras to use in other areas of my home. These truly are the gifts that keep on giving! If you’ve enjoyed these finds, then check out my Spring Kitchen Refresh!

Comment below if you’ve purchased any of these items for your home. I’m currently hunting for bargain home decor books, so if you have any recommendations, let a girl know! Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung


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  1. I love the look of your blog! The products you chose are fabulous, and that bead garland set is so affordable!!!

  2. You go girl! This is amazing! Great job hubby with the amazing photos and support! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  3. Sindy @tanglewood_homes

    Girl, this is soooo good, we need to talk, cause I’ve always wanted to do one. You are soooo good!!🥰👌

    • I can’t even begin to take credit for the blog set up Sindy! The Hubby totally hooked me up. It’s kinda cheating but I’m all for using the resources available to me! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love this post Aminah! Great job and great finds! Congrats on launching your blog! It looks great!!

  5. Great job on the launch of your blog Aminah!

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