The Project That Made Us Love DIYs

Our love for DIYs began with a small project that literally only took us a few hours to complete! It also ignited my love of accent walls and we haven’t slowed down since!

The Inspiration

It all started when this gorgeous photo stopped my Pinterest scroll. The accent wall’s color, shelves, and decor all worked together in perfect unity. I was so inspired by the design and super motivated to create a similar look.

wooden shelf and picture frame

I showed Hubby the scroll stopping photo and very nonchalantly commented on how great the little wall feature would look in our home. He studied the photo for a while and then, to my utter disbelief said, “let’s do it.”

He didn’t just mean let’s do it sometime in the near future. Oh no, he meant let’s do it in that very moment! It took me a second for the shock to wear off, but then I was in full planning mode. We chose a tall and narrow wall right off of our garage entrance. It was a perfect size and the best part was knowing I’d be able to view this wall from my kitchen! I was also looking forward to styling the small floating shelves.

black wall with wooden shelves and picture frames


After trying out several paint samples, I eventually found THE ONE! This color is Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams and it’s the right balance of moodiness and warmth! Already the accent wall was taking shape and I was loving the progress!

black wall

The Shelves

Building the shelves was much easier than expected! We used hobby boards because of their affordability and perfect size! Hubby secured the 2″ trim pieces using wood glue to avoid filling screw holes. Since I already loved the wood color of the shelves, I chose to emphasize that color with a natural wood stain. Mounting the shelves was also quite simple. We used 2 strut brackets on each one, and of course, I selected the gold option as an added detail.

wooden shelves
wooden shelf

Accent Wall Reveal

So, about 3 hours after having this random idea, we had completed our FIRST DIY project! This beautifully moody accent wall with contrasting natural wood shelves is a great beginner project! If we can do it, so can you!

black wall with wooden shelves
black wall with wooden shelves and picture frames

This mini accent wall is a great beginner project that definitely made us fall in love with DIYS! Completing our first DIY gave us the motivation to continue down this path! Since then, we’ve completed a vertical shiplap installation in our loft nook space and even created a modern color block wall. One of the goals of this blog is to create and share simple DIYs in our home. We truly hope you find inspiration in this little wall feature and in our other completed projects. Comment and let me know what was your first DIY project! Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung


4 Replies to “The Project That Made Us Love DIYs”

  1. This accent wall fits your home décor style perfectly. The hubby is definitely super handy!

  2. I love this little project. It clearly made a difference. It’s very refreshing and you gave me the idea of doing a little plant area project too. Great inspiration.❤️

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