Peel and Stick Wallpaper – Install With These Easy Steps

Installing peel and stick wallpaper was a project Bernard and I avoided for a long time. I’ve always loved the texture and variety available but felt intimidated to tackle this project. Now that we’ve installed peel and stick wallpaper in our DIY Playhouse Build, we’re ready to include more in our home! We’re sharing the easy steps we followed to complete our first wallpaper project!

Floral peel and stick wallpaper on a wall

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Wallpaper Installation Tools

I think having the right tools for the job is super important to creating confidence in the project you’re tackling. Here are the tools that really helped us with our first wallpaper installation:

Getting started with peel and stick wallpaper

Correctly installing the first wallpaper panel is the key to achieving a clean and aligned look. We first started by setting up our laser level and then lined up the wallpaper along the laser line. It’s recommended that you leave 1/2″ overlap on the ceiling and on the adjacent wall to account for any wall unevenness. We then peeled the backing paper a few inches at a time and used our squeegee to properly secure the wallpaper onto our wall.

Peel and stick wallpaper installation

Removing the excess wallpaper

Once we had the first peel and stick wallpaper panel all secured on the wall, we went ahead and removed all the excess from the ceiling, adjacent wall, and baseboard. We did this with a straight edge ruler and Exacto knife.

Cutting peel and stick wallpaper with a knife
Removing excess peel and stick wallpaper

Once we cut the wallpaper with the Exacto knife, the excess easily peeled off.

Aligning the remaining wallpaper panels

I loved that each wallpaper panel was numbered because then we could avoid any confusion. We were super confident with the alignment of the first panel and so the rest were much easier to install. We made sure to continue leaving that 1/2″ overlap on the ceiling with each additional panel we installed. The wall we were working on had an outlet. We simply removed the plate, cut out the wallpaper around the outlet, and then reinstalled the outlet plate. This method gave us the cleanest finish.

Installing peel and stick wallpaper

Style and admire your peel and stick wallpaper

I can proudly say we’ll no longer look at wallpaper installation with the same level of intimidation as we did in the past! I love that peel and stick wallpapers are removable without damaging your walls. This is definitely a project that we can all tackle and I have the utmost confidence in you guys! The process goes a lot smoother if you have a partner to help. This particular wallpaper is called Eucalyptus Dream and we absolutely love it in our girls’ playhouse!

Peel and stick wallpaper with a brown ottoman, books, a throw blanket and a faux plant.
Peel and stick wallpaper with a brown ottoman, books, a throw blanket and a faux plant.

Tap below to shop this look:

Peel and stick wallpaper is not recommended for textured walls because there’s no guarantee that it will properly adhere to them. However, a simple fix to that would be to skim coat your wall prior to installation. This process involves applying some joint compound on the wall to create a smooth and even surface. I hope you’ll be motivated to try a peel and stick wallpaper project soon! Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung


6 Replies to “Peel and Stick Wallpaper – Install With These Easy Steps”

  1. Can you please give a source for your wallpaper? Very pretty pattern and I cannot find a source.

    • Hi Patty! Apologies, I meant to include the link. It’s from Rocky Mountain Decals. If you revisit the blog post, you’ll find it has been updated with a direct link. Tap the name Eucalyptus Dream.

  2. Hello Aminah!

    I am thinking of doing this to bring some life to the basement stair walls and basement walls.
    My dilemma, the walls have SO MANY NAILS POPPING and making the drywall bulge. I have tried using a piece of wood and hammering it to try to get them to go back in but, to no avail!
    I am not willing to pull off the skim coat to get to the nail, hit it back in and patch…WAY TOO MUCH WORK (not that I’m afraid of that).

    I have not worked with peel & stick wallpaper but, wonder if this would help hide this horrible job of popping nails. If you have any other suggestions I would be grateful for some ideas. I do have pics of my home, but, not sure how to send those to you….email???

  3. I just went to shop for this peel and stick…..1 roll is $65 YIKES!

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