The New Upgrades in Our Powder Room

Our powder room makeover is complete, and we’re thrilled with all the new upgrades! We tackled this project in partnership with The Home Depot as part of their Doer Project Campaign. With more everyday folks, like us, taking on home improvement projects, The Home Depot has evolved to accommodate how we DIY! Through their delivery and curbside pick-up, image search feature, project calculators, and truck/tool rental, it’s easier than ever to get more done!

Tile Project Calculator
Image search and scan

This blog post is sponsored by The Home Depot, however, the opinions expressed are 100% our own. Affiliate links are also included in this post, and we will earn a commission, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase using any of the links.

The Before

Bernard and I are fortunate to have a spacious powder room, but its size was very intimidating. I’ve been stuck for the longest time on how to effectively utilize this space. After almost 5 years of living in our home, it was time to create a powder room that aligned with our aesthetic! Let’s check out all the new upgrades in our powder room transformation!

A shelf with objects on it.
A bathroom with a mirror and sink.

Paint and Lighting

The first project we tackled in our powder room was repainting all the walls. I wanted a clean, crisp white to set the tone of the space. With the help of The Home Depot’s color matching, we were able to get the perfect shade of white to match the rest of our home. We also added some contrast by painting the window frame with flat black spray paint. Another easy but impactful upgrade was replacing our light fixture with a more modern design.

black spray painted window upgrade.
Shop black spray paint HERE
black vanity light powder room upgrade

Sharpie Accent Wall

Have you ever seen a design that you instantly connected with? When I saw Eli Hariton create this accent wall, it was an immediate OBSESSION for me! Not only is it visually interesting but it’s also the most BUDGET FRIENDLY accent wall we’ve ever done. We started by using some blue painter’s tape to create the layout. We then drew the lines with a pencil, and finally traced the lines using a sharpie paint pen. I love the funky wallpaper effect and you can recreate this wall for about $12 in supplies.

Shop blue painter’s tape HERE
sharpie accent wall powder room upgrade
Shop Sharpie paint pen HERE

Floating Cabinets

We decided to build 2 floating cabinets as part of our powder room makeover. The first was a vanity for our new sink. Now you all know how much I love pine boards! I gave Bernard the challenge of creating this cabinet, using as few visible screws as possible. He definitely rose to the occasion and was able to join smaller pine boards, using biscuits, to create perfectly aligned larger pieces. This technique requires the use of a plate joiner to create grooves in the wood you plan on joining. You then add some glue into the grooves, insert a biscuit and then add the other piece of wood.

Shop biscuits HERE

We used bar clamps to keep the pine boards in place and after the glue dried, we sanded the boards to smooth, seamless perfection!

Shop pine boards HERE
wooden sink vanity powder room upgrade
Shop wood stains HERE

The second floating cabinet we built was for additional storage. We kept both designs clean and simple but elevated the finished look with a 2-tone color combo. Both cabinets were built using pine boards. The stain on the sink vanity is my mix of Natural and Early American, but on the floating cabinet, we used Golden Pecan. You can check out more of our stained projects in these DIY blog posts:

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Hexagon Tile Accent Wall

I was most excited about this accent wall because I’ve wanted this design for so long! The vision was to have this project double as art and create movement and dimension in the powder room. We even took it one step further by using multiple hexagon tile colors. What’s so fun about this tile wall is the creativity it allows you to have! Ready for the best part?! ZERO TILES were cut during this project! You can choose whatever layout you want and be as expressive as you want.

black, white and gray hexagon tiles in powder room upgrade

Our secret to knowing how many tiles to purchase was using the tile project calculator available on The Home Depot’s mobile app and website. It took the guesswork out of this project. Now when it came to choosing the grout color, I first had to decide on what I was trying to accentuate. I wanted to highlight the outline of the hexagon wall because that was my favorite feature. To achieve this goal, I matched the tile caulk to its respective tile color. We found color-matching tile caulk which was more affordable and less messy than traditional grout. The clean, seamless look is everything I hoped it would be!

Shop hexagon tiles HERE
Shop tile caulk HERE

Faucet, Sink and Mirror

Sometimes it’s the simple details that make all the difference! We were elated to finally have a modern sink in our powder room. We then opted for a graphite black faucet and fell in love with its clean design and subtle contrast against the black tiles. A black framed oval mirror completed the vision. I think the variety of shapes and textures elevated this powder room.

A sink in a bathroom.
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Shop black framed mirror HERE

Did you know there’s an image search feature on The Home Depot’s mobile app that helps you find similar products in your home? Just tap their camera icon and point your phone in the direction of the product you’d like to search for. You’ll then receive a results list of similar products.

Powder Room Reveal

There are so many details to absorb in our new powder room! It’s like our eyes don’t know where to look first, in a good way! This new space truly reflects our unique style and that’s such a great feeling!

If you’ve been following us for a while or have checked out our Instagram page, then you know black, white, and brown are our favorite combo! We try to utilize these colors in various ways in each space we create.

This powder room is the one our guests use, and I know it’ll be a great conversation piece for a long time! I think I’ve just found my new favorite corner of our home!

Looking for similar home decor pieces, then check out these Home Depot goodies I curated just for you!

If you love room transformations then you must check out our Master Bedroom and Pantry projects! I hope we’ve inspired you with these new DIY upgrades in our powder room! I’d love to know which is your favorite! Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung


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  1. This is just awesome. It turned out so beautiful.

  2. You both did such an incredible job on this bathroom!! My mind is literally blown… SO MUCH TALENT!!

  3. Great job guys! beautiful!!

  4. Hi Aminah,
    How did you keep the tiles from slipping down until it dried?

    • Hi Michelle, we literally had to hold the bottom ones in place for a few minutes while they set. The others went on much easier.

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