The Best Upgrades We Made in Our DIY Pantry

The upgrades we made in our DIY pantry created more usable storage and also added dimension to the space! Our pantry project was 4 years in the making and we’re so excited to partner with The Home Depot, as part of their Doer Project campaign, to create our dream pantry! DIY projects have been a great outlet for many of us and with the recent increase in do it yourselfers, The Home Depot has evolved to accommodate how we DIY! Through their delivery and curbside pick-up, project calculators, and truck/tool rental, it’s easier than ever to get more done!

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a picture of a pantry with white and gray shiplap walls, shelves, a countertop and storage containers

I cannot believe I finally have the pantry of my dreams! So many hours of hard work went into creating this beauty and we couldn’t be prouder of how it all turned out! Today I’m sharing with you, our top 3 DIY pantry upgrades!

Pantry Demo

Living in Arizona, most interior walls are textured, and these can be very difficult to match after drywall repair. When we removed all the old pantry shelves, there were clear distinctions between where the old shelves were installed and the rest of the wall. We then discovered that a stud was missing. After we installed a 2″x4″ stud and repaired the drywall, we made our best attempt to texture the wall. That didn’t work out so well and shiplap became our plan B, but really, it should have been our plan A!

a picture of a pantry with shelves

1. Shiplap

Shiplap was not a part of our original pantry design, but I’m so glad we decided to go the extra mile! We absolutely love shiplap and have created several accent walls using them! The number 1 question we get asked is about the type of shiplap we use. All the shiplap in our home is 6″ wide primed MDF shiplap. I was so relieved that our local Home Depot had enough shiplap to save the day! We even rented a trailer from their Truck and Tool Rental Center to haul the shiplap and other building materials.

a picture showing white shiplap
a picture showing an orange trailer

It was super easy to use the mobile app to check out available trailers at our nearest Home Depot location. Not only can you rent a trailer but also trucks, vans, and large moving and lifting equipment. Don’t have the tool you need to finish that DIY project? The Home Depot has an impressive collection of outdoor and indoor tools available to rent, including power tools. No need for those projects to be on hold any longer!

We’ve installed both vertical and horizontal shiplap in separate projects before. This, however, was the FIRST time we were going to install both orientations in one project! Before we installed the vertical shiplap, we first created a backing using 1″x 2″ furring strip boards. Since studs are typically spaced 16″ apart, if we’d installed the vertical shiplap directly into the drywall, they all wouldn’t hit the studs. Creating a backing, that’s screwed into the studs, allows for a more secure install. The horizontal shiplap, however, was secured directly into the drywall.

a picture showing white shiplap walls

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2. Floating Shelves

I’ve always wanted floating shelves in our home and including them in my pantry design was an easy decision! This was one of our best DIY pantry upgrades because it’s structurally a sturdier shelving option than what previously existed. We started by building the frame structure using 2″x 2″ furring strip boards. The rest of the shelving was built using pine wood. The floating shelves were an interesting build, complicated by my desire to not have visible screw/nail holes. This meant that we were first going to have to install the tops of the shelves, followed by the front trims and lastly, the bottoms.

a picture showing white shiplap walls and shelves

Once the shelf tops were installed, we decided to go ahead and paint the pantry. Did you know paint needs time to cure? Depending on the brand and type of paint, it could take 14 – 30 days or even longer! We figured painting sooner was in our best interest! In The Home Depot app, you’ll find several handy project calculators to help take the guesswork out of your project!

I used the paint calculator to determine how much paint we needed to repaint our pantry! I simply entered all the requested measurements into the calculator and it gave us a pretty accurate quantity of 2 gallons.

a picture showing white shiplap walls and brown shelves

We used a Graco paint sprayer because it leaves such a beautiful, smooth, even finish! While the painted surfaces were drying and curing, we proceeded with installing the trims and shelf bottoms. The stained trim is a mixture of Natural Stain and Early American. The resulting color is the perfect, warm brown that this pantry needed.

3. Butcher Block Countertop

I think we’re all a little obsessed with butcher block countertops! This was another one of our best DIY pantry upgrades because it allowed me to include more wood elements. It’s also a great focal point in this pantry space!

a picture showing white shiplap walls, wooden shelves and a wooden countertop

This butcher block countertop is Unfinished Birch and gorgeous as is, but we planned on staining it to create a more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design.

DIY Pantry Reveal

I don’t think photos can do this space justice! The clean lines of the floating shelves, paired with the added dimension of the two shiplap orientations make me want to do a happy dance! Not to mention the color combination that ties the whole design together!

a picture showing white and gray shiplap walls, brown and white shelves and a wooden countertop

The stain on the butcher block countertop turned out beautifully! The stained pine board trims are slightly lighter than the birch countertop and I’m loving the subtle contrast.

a picture showing white and gray shiplap walls, brown and white shelves and a wooden countertop

With the exception of the spacing above the countertop, the rest of the shelves are 16″ apart. With a uniform height, I can pack a variety of container types and sizes. Fewer restrictions equal more storage possibilities!

a picture showing white and gray shiplap walls, brown and white shelves and a wooden countertop
a picture showing white and gray shiplap walls, brown and white shelves and a wooden countertop

Styled Pantry

Did you know The Home Depot offers a huge selection of storage and organization products? I’m absolutely in love with this 3-piece metal canister set! The white finish and copper lid provide the perfect modern simplicity.

a picture showing 3 white storage canisters on a wooden countertop

I enjoy mixing textures, so I also ordered some glass storage jars with bamboo lids. These are great for displaying your pasta and baking essentials.

a picture showing 6 glass storage jars with bamboo lids

I saved the BEST views for last! There are so many pretty details to appreciate in our DIY walk-in pantry! The shiplap, floating shelves, and butcher block countertop are some of the best upgrades we could have made to this space!

a picture of a pantry with white and gray shiplap walls, brown and white shelves, a wooden countertop, brown baskets, glass storage jars with bamboo lids, white canisters, wooden crates and metal baskets
a picture of a pantry with white and gray shiplap walls, brown and white shelves, a wooden countertop, brown baskets, glass storage jars with bamboo lids, white canisters, wooden crates and metal baskets

To see the vision I had for this pantry become a reality brings me so much joy! We are very grateful to have had this amazing partnership experience with The Home Depot! You can find our build process and many more details in our #THDDoerProject story highlight on Instagram. Thanks for following along on another fun DIY! Let me know your favorite DIY upgrade in our new pantry! Until next time friends!

Aminah Chung


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  1. I love your shelves. Could you please tell me the over all width of them. There will be a good bit of weight on some of them. Thank you. My email is

  2. These shelves look fantastic! I love the shiplap. We have a tiny pantry and I am thinking about doing something like this so I can leave the door off and enjoy the way it looks instead of hiding it away!

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